Spin opportunities in your recommendation reports

Recommendation reports require objectivity when describing a problem and evaluating possible solutions. However, persuasion is needed when making recommendations and convincing your reader that these actions are required. In this module, you will plan and create persuasive sections of your report to highlight opportunities for your reader.

Coaching hours: 4

Participants can expect to spend approximately 10-12 hours beyond the coaching hours on completing this module.

What’s in it for you?

Key competencies:

  1. Set the tone in your recommendation report by clearly stating the purpose and objective(s).
  2. Conduct your research by selecting appropriate methods to gather your data.
  3. Assess the findings and create an analysis that meets your purpose and your audience’s needs.
  4. Employ persuasive techniques to emphasize opportunities for your reader that emerge from the research.
  5. Provide specific, measurable, and achievable next steps.

Inaugural fee: $259 (HST included)