Make the most of your performance evaluations

Companies conduct performance evaluations to ensure that their employees are meeting the organization’s objectives. Further, a performance evaluation reviews goals the employee has set. In this module, you will plan ways of enhancing your relationship with your supervisor by using your performance evaluation as an opportunity for career development.

Coaching hours: 4

Participants can expect to spend approximately 10-12 hours beyond the coaching hours on completing this module.

What’s in it for you?

Key competencies:

  1. Review your job description to identify the key requirements of your position.
  2. Create clear objectives for contributing to the organization’s mission.
  3. Identify and plan key discussion areas, as they relate to the expectations and accomplishments of your role.
  4. Develop feedback for your supervisor to showcase ways your department can run more smoothly.
  5. Take a proactive attitude towards using your performance evaluation as a learning experience.

Inaugural fee: $259 (HST included)