Design a small business’s network infrastructure

It’s important for small businesses to deploy a network infrastructure with minimal cost and optimal performance. In this module, acquire and build a Local Area Network (LAN) system for your business. Choose the right tools, and then install, configure, operate, monitor, and protect the LAN. This will include managing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), tracking LAN utilization, and using IDS/IPS to prevent intrusion. Participants will gain hands-on experience as they start to implement a network infrastructure in their office or place of work.

Coaching hours: 4

Participants can expect to spend approximately 12-15 hours beyond the coaching hours on completing this module.

What’s in it for you?

Key competencies:

  1. Apply project management concepts to plan and execute LAN projects.
  2. Research the available tools in the market and identify budget requirements.
  3. Acquire and install network tools such as firewalls, switches, and routers.
  4. Configure and operate the LAN.
  5. Monitor and control access to the LAN.

Note: To complete this module successfully, participants are encouraged to have the following: two to three workstations/laptops/printers, switches, routers, and firewall.

Inaugural fee: $259 (HST included)