Create a customized career plan

Begin by taking an inventory of hard and soft skills to see the fit between you and your desired career. Develop concrete action items to identify different learning and career connection opportunities. Then use this information to create trackable goals to monitor your career progress towards a fulfilling and stimulating position.

Coaching hours: 4

Participants can expect to spend approximately 10-12 hours beyond the coaching hours on completing this module.

What’s in it for you?

Key competencies:

  1. Identify your interests and strengths, specifically what motivates you in your current and/or potential position.
  2. Assess how your skill sets match your desired field of interest and gaps in place.
  3. Set action items to identify individuals, organizations, and/or events to create opportunities for connections and continued learning.
  4. Develop short-term and long-term goals: tangible milestones you’d like to achieve to advance your career.

Inaugural fee: $259 (HST included)