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Ready to customize your learning experience? Explore our coaching-based ELX modules. You choose the level and depth of instruction, and one-on-one coaching connects you with the right expertise to help you achieve your learning goals.

Each coaching-based ELX module focuses on a specific, career-building skill and is structured around one-on-one coaching. You can break up your coaching hours and schedule them as you wish with your coach. Sometimes you may want to meet in person. At other times, you can connect over the phone or online. Together, you will work through a project – with the emphasis on learning by doing. Once you’ve mastered the technical process, you can adapt it, scaling it up or down, to any similar situation.

There are no pre-requisites and competency-based module activities will be tailored to your experience. Please note that while coaching is one-one-one, some modules will allow for the opportunity to collaborate and connect with peers through group setting activities. Want to know more about how the ELX modules will work? Consult our FAQ for further details.

Meet Our Featured Coaches

Veronica ChailVeronica Chail, Journalist
Veronica’s varied experience in the fields of media, entertainment, and public relations enable her to help ELX participants tackle current challenges in the media landscape and content business.

Irene GomezIrene Gomez, Architect
Trained as an architect, Irene has specialized in the interior design of high-end residential and hospitality projects. Her expertise with design software and tangible experience managing projects positions her well to work one-on-one with ELX participants as they work toward specific goals.

Greg GayGreg Gay, IT Accessibility Specialist
Greg has played a significant role in the development of international accessibility guidelines, including the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), over his 20 year career. The coaching he offers will help small businesses meet their AODA compliance obligations.

Maziar GhaderiMaziar Ghaderi, Multimedia Designer
Maziar can help you focus your goal and produce multimedia pieces that will engage your audience.

Danqing HuDanqing Hu, Data Analyst
Danqing’s fluency in Hive and Hadoop have equipped him to offer his consulting services to retailers and businesses hoping to capitalize on the explosion of big data.

Riyad HuseinRiyad Husein, Database Consultant
Riyad is an IT professional with more than 30 years’ experience in software development and management. In the context of ELX, he works with participants one-on-one to achieve their professional goals in the areas of software and database development and network/systems infrastructure.

Robert MattiaRobert Mattia, Project Manager
Robert’s extensive experience in business makes him an asset to anyone looking to hone their skills in presenting information to executives or investors.

Tyrone RaymanTyrone Rayman, Cyber Security Consultant
Tyrone understands the importance of privacy protection and security and he offers his expertise in this area through ELX.

Corey ShelsonCorey Shelson, Digital Marketer
Corey has sought after skills and experience in the areas of paid advertisement management, conversion optimized website design, email marketing automation, and strategy development to share with ELX participants.

Lars SvekisLars Svekis, Digital Project Leader
Lars has extensive experience in providing smart digital solutions, including Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing. He builds better user experiences by improving user engagement within web applications.

Christine WhoneChristine Whone, Communication Designer
Christine’s experience as a designer and business owner can help leverage an ELX participant’s knowledge around a unique experience. She works with each participant to build an outcome that will serve them beyond the learning exchange to further their education, career, or business.